I am a Swiss architectural and interior photographer based in London. My adventure into the world of photography started with an MA Photojournalism at University of Westminster where, through the eyes of documentary photographers like Mark Power and Nadav Kander I developed a passion for architecture and urban landscapes.

While showcasing the details of the spaces I photograph, my images pay particular attention to a realistic and natural-looking interpretation of the subject. At the same time a photojournalistic background allows me to make the most out of more dynamic situations, when photographing restaurants and other businesses

During the last two years I worked with a vast range of medium scale architecture practices, contractors, artists and interior designers such as E1WF architects, 21 Construction, Sinta Tantra and CaveInteriors. I also collaborated extensively with the online platform Pixieme.org and have been published in magazines and other online publications such as Design Exchange Magazine, House and Garden and Let’s Be Brief.

In my free time I like to develop personal projects at the border between fine-art and documentary photography. I am always on the look out for new and challenging freelance opportunities. If you are interested in working with me do not hesitate to send an email to the address below


Email: luca.piffaretti@gmail.com
Phone: +44 (0)75 03634970
Instagram: @lucap_photos